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Foxes - Years 5/6

The Foxes class are joined by the Owls class for the afternoons.

English and Maths Spring Term


Spring Term Plans (January till Easter)


    Y5/6 Morning Sessions



Thinking picture books for older children – The Arrival, exploring expression and emotion in illustrations and empathising with a character’s experiences. Retelling a story from the pictures.

Researching wildlife – watching BBC Natural World  programmes, taking notes and writing up a feature article. Using different sources to gather information, including safe searches on the internet. Word processing the final draft.

Writing from a characters point of view, letters and instructions – using Harry Potter as a stimulus.

Modern Fiction – continue with Michael Morpurgo’s The Wreck of the Zanzibar and Kensuke’s Kingdom. Inferring characters’ thoughts and motivations, and what dialogue tells us about them.

SPAG - (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) – Individual spelling lists to learn for homework, using ‘Marvellous Spell’ for tricky words, using commas, inverted commas and writing in different tenses. Using a V.C.O.P checklist and word processing to edit and improve a piece of writing.


Number and place value – digits and partitions, negative numbers,  decimals and mental one and two step problem solving.

Addition and Subtraction – Column method at the children’s individual level, inverse functions and using a number line.

Multiplication and Division – multiples and factors, Learn Its, x/÷ with decimals, column method at the children’s individual level (HTUxU,TUxTU,HTUxTU and ThHTU÷U).

Shape, Space and Measure – Measuring in metric measures cm/m, g/kg and ml/l. Telling the time on an analogue/digital and 24hour clock. Solving word problems involving time. Identifying, drawing and measuring 2D and 3D shapes, Perimeter and Area.

BIGMaths – Using our ‘Learn its’ to become more efficient with column methods. These are the written methods we use to calculate with bigger numbers (see Maths Policy 2016).


Homework – English/SPAG and Maths set Thursday and hand in Tuesday. Longer homework projects are set half termly.              

PE – Tuesday and Thursday

Reading Records – Y5/6 are not too old to read to an adult at home. Reading and/or talking about books will really support your child’s comprehension.  Encourage your child to read independently at bedtime (avoid screens at this time), this will settle them for sleep. Please sign their record and/or encourage your child to fill in the comments box themselves at least 3 times a week.

Communication – please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need to. Catch me in the morning, on a Thursday after school or make an appointment at the office to be sure.

We have a PGCE second placement student in school this term so your child may come home and talk about another teacher who has taught them in a small group or as a class. Student teachers come with exciting fresh ideas so I’m sure you’ll hear about them!

Information on trips and extra curricular activities will come in separate letters. Please check your child’s bag for letters.



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