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Rachael Hornby

Chair of Governors


What do Governors do?

The Governing Body is a team of people who want to help the school to be the best school it can be. We have Governors who are parents of children at Newton Primary School, as well as Governors from around our community, because we know how important schools are in making our world a better place to be part of.

Our jobs include: helping to choose the school’s teachers, making sure lessons are interesting and fun, checking the school is safe and making sure the school does not run out of money. To do all this we work closely with the school staff, and sometimes get to come in to see what the pupils are up to – which is great fun!

Our Clerk to Governors is Claire Thornhill. If you have any Governor queries please email:






Here are our Governors

Mrs Rachael Hornby (Acting Chair, Parent Governor)

I am a mum of two children who attend Newton Primary School. We live very local to the school and my husband's family have strong links with the school for many years, which I have wanted to carry on. I am also part of the PTA and my children are proud that I help the school on a regular basis. I enjoy being a govenor for Newton School, as I like the opportunity to have a say in how the school is run and feel that I have good relations with the other governors and the teachers. Since becoming a govenor I have worked on the health and safety committee and have undertaken training in other areas to widen my knowledge. 

Mrs Sharon Harrison (Co-opted Governor)

My name is Sharon Harrison and I have been an Early Years Teacher for 20 Years. Before that I had a range of jobs in education mostly in special needs. My link to Newton School began a long time ago when my own two daughters attended. I worked at the school in various roles such as special needs teaching assiatant, dinner lady, parent helper, governor, PTA member and from time to time general dogsbody! I was always by the caring ethos of the school then which still continues to this day. When my grandson started at Newton it seemed natural to become more involved. I joined the Governing body again with the roles reguarding Special Educational Needs and the Curriculum, both of these areas are dear to my heart and as a teacher these are the areas In which I feel most able to contribute. 

Being recently retired I balance my time between travelling, my grandchildren here and abroad, garening and doing all the things I wanted to do when time didn't allow! I also try to help at school when I am able.

Les Crossley (Local Authority Governor

Now at the senior end of life, having spent 33 years in the laboratories mostly on shift at Glaxo I am now enjoying retirement. With more time I like the chance to be involved in a small way in giving future generations the best possible start. With my industrial background I am more interested in the Health and Safety and practical aspects of the school. 







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Additional roles and responsibilities

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Governing Body*


Rachael Hornby Parent Parents 07.11.2013     Chair of Governors 
Resource Committee

Lisa Fell

Head teacher

Governing Body





David Schofield Parent Parents 05.01.2017     Chair of Resource Committee
John McVea Co-Opted Governing Body 09.09.2013     Chair of Curriculum Committee

Les Crossley

Local Authority

Governing Body




Resource Committee

Sharon Harrison


Governing Body




Curriculum Committee

Anna Blenkarn


Governing Body




Resource Committee

Clare Molyneux Staff Governing Body 18.05.2015     Resource Committee

There have been no declarations of interest made by the Governing Body.

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